Coaching the individual first and foremost.


Over the past four years, we’ve had great success training athletes individually. During that time we’ve seen fantastic on-the-field results — see our “Success Stories.” As the players continued to develop and achieve their goals, people started taking notice. Fellow teammates, parents and coaches started to ask, “What’s her secret?” or “How’d he get so good at shooting?” Soon parents and players from all over the Twin Cities wanted to train. That’s why we created Level Up Coaching, so that we could help as many kids as possible. With Level Up, we can apply our successful tactics and techniques to players in small groups to maximize success. The small group dynamic also provides us the perfect mix of training partners/opposition and quality instruction time for each athlete.


At Level Up Coaching, we’ll provide each player with our comprehensive curriculum.

  • Dribbling

  • Striking

  • Tactical/Game Insight

  • Speed and Agility

  • Aerial Play

  • Mental/Emotional Coaching


Attending Level Up sessions regularly results in players who are well-rounded, maintain their team position and see an increase in playing time or time at preferred position. Players who stay committed and attend Level Up sessions once per week or more are essentially guaranteed to improve their team position or become the key cogs for their squad.


Come see what we’re all about — the first session is free!