Success Stories


Leonard Larson

1st Year: U13 C2
2nd Year: U14 C1
3rd Year: U15 Premier for Minnesota Thunder Academy
4th Year: MTA Development Academy & St. Paul Academy Varsity as a freshman

Leonard is a shining example of the rewards technical skill training can provide. Leonard fell in love with soccer and always gave 110% effort in every practice and game. This brought great results, but no matter how hard he tried he couldn’t seem to truly advance his game and felt stuck at the C2 level. When he was introduced to the idea of private training for soccer he became obsessed, seeking to train 3 times a week or more. We made him pace himself, but what Leonard did was remain consistent and focused. Sure enough, the results started to roll in, year after year he seemed to advance to a higher echelon team. Currently, he’s among the elite group playing at the U.S. Soccer Development Academy level for MTA — in club soccer there is no higher honor.

Elijah Jensen

Minnesota United U12 Pre-Development Academy selection.

Elijah has been working with Level Up trainers since he was a 9-year-old. As a result he’s been on the top team every season. This fall he received news that every kid would dream of: Minnesota United of Major League Soccer wanted him to join their academy team and he’s been training with them ever since. If that weren’t enough, Elijah’s U12 club team won the Twin Cities league title this fall.



Tyler Bernstein

Tyler is on the top team in his age group. Often, though, he was getting stuck playing solely as a defender, even though he felt he could contribute further upfield. As a result, he scored just two goals throughout the whole year.

After training with Level Up consistently for about 4 months, Tyler got his chance to play some offense and surpassed his goal tally from last year in just two games.



Natalie Carlson

U12 C1 MYSA State Champion

Natalie joined Level Up Coaching a little over two years ago. Shortly thereafter, many of her teammates started to notice something different: exceptional dribbling skills. Everyone started to ask her parents what had caused such a drastic difference. They informed everyone that Natalie was receiving some additional training through private lessons. Now almost half of Natalie’s team trains with Level Up regularly.


Olivier and Etienne Testa

Olivier (U12) and Etienne (U10) are a pair of exceptionally talented brothers. The two have been soccer-obsessed since they could walk and play on average 5-6 times per week in various leagues no matter what the season. They’ve trained with Level Up for last two seasons and their technical ability has blossomed. In the last year, both have been selected by Minnesota United to join the MLS Club’s elite pre-development academy system.

Etienne did so in spectacular fashion making the U11 United pre-DA team despite only being a U10! Meanwhile, Olivier has proven to be among the cream of the U12s as he’s been chosen by United to represent the club in matches against other MLS development academy teams across the country.

There’s going to be more to this story, and we can’t wait to help them continue on their journey!


Connor Rahill

1st Year: U14 C3
2nd Year: U15 C1
3rd Year: Benilde St. Margarets Junior Varsity as a freshman



Sam Holmberg

1st Year: U11 C3
2nd Year: U12 C2
3rd Year: U13 C1

Thanks SO much!! He loves working with you!! You are such a great role model!!
— Joalle Holmberg

Jack Olson

1st Year: U14 C2
2nd Year: U15 C1 and Minnetonka freshman team captain (voted co-MVP and defensive MVP)



Andrew Grace

Andy’s story is a fun one.

Andrew came to Level Up Coaching having played zero club soccer in his life. The only organized soccer he’d done was playing on recreational teams semi-consistently. When we met Andrew had a great motor, but to say he lacked the foundational skills would be an understatement. He also had an aggressively ambitious goal: make the varsity team with only one summer of training. We told Andrew that was mighty lofty and that he’d have to train especially hard, he nodded and we went to work.

Andrew was a model student, providing an incredible work rate and unparalleled focus in each session. After tryouts, Andrew made the DeLaSalle High School varsity pool and trained with the team for the first few weeks of the season. Eventually, Andrew would settle into a role as a prominent player for the junior varsity squad.

To achieve what Andrew did in such a short amount of time with his level of inexperience is remarkable. He did all the work, we just like to think we provided the proper platform.


Georgia Fischer

1st Year: U13 C2
2nd Year: U14 C1