Level Up Coaching is a membership only training program. Select your ideal membership and then use our calendar to book whichever classes you’d like, whenever you’d like.

Membership dues are billed on a recurring basis at the beginning of each month.

Free Trial:

  • Create a login and then schedule your free trial session. Easy!

  • BE SURE TO CLICK on the “classes” tab (upper left corner on registration page) or the “class schedule” button (below) to schedule once you’ve registered.

*limited time - intro to membership offer

  • $120/month (4 Sessions/month)

  • $180/month (6 Sessions/month)

  • $220/month (8 Sessions/month)

Membership Packages:

  • Standard - $150/month (4 Sessions/month — equates to training once per week)

  • Advanced - $210/month (6 Sessions/month — equates to training 1.5 per week)

  • Elite - $250/month (8 Sessions/month — equates to training twice per week)

Class Details:

  • 60-minute sessions

  • 2-8 athletes

  • Only train with players in your age range

  • Soccer balls & water fountain on site

  • Book your own schedule!

Age Range:

Our classes are divided by the following age ranges:

Sibling benefit:

Do you have multiple determined soccer players in your family? Well, no matter which membership you purchase, your class credits can be used interchangeably between your children however you choose. Just be sure to book into the correct age group!

* - You can cancel anytime, but you must provide Level Up with 30 days notice prior to cancellation.


Feel free to contact us at

Our facility

2465 Wayzata Blvd, Long Lake, MN 55356